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HIV AIDS Testing:

We offer certified Aids test kits for private and anonymous Aids testing with an aim to reduce spread of Aids by promoting frequent testing

We deliver our home aids tests kits throughout the world. Our highly sensitive home Aids test and STD home test kits have got approval from USAID and FDA.   

We sell our STD and Aids testing products following strict rules of privacy. We deliver the products fast and discreetly.

We specialize in HIV Aids test and STD home test kits. Our products are used by WHO (World Health Organization) too.

What is an AIDS test? 

Once human body becomes a victim of HIV, the human body starts reacting by producing antibodies. An HIV home aids test kit can detect these antibodies if they are present in the body. If home aids test kit finds the antibodies, it shows positive results but if that does not find any such antibody, it shows negative results. This test is called AIDS test by many people. This name is indeed not entirely correct because the HIV test only concludes the patients HIV status, but nothing about whether the person has developed AIDS, the stage at which one is really sick. This test only confirms that whether the person is infected with the HIV virus, which leads to AIDS or not.  


When is a HIV Aids test reliable?

AIDS can not be identified for first three months after the last potential contact with HIV. So, it would not be of any use to think for this test anytime when you feel you may be a victim of this virus, but you should wait for three months and then go for this test. There is a very small chance that your body produces antibodies exceptionally slow. This is why repeating the test after 6 month is advised. Shortly after the infection the virus levels in blood and body fluids are very high and you are more contagious, because the body still does not produce antibodies to fight the virus.

You can test yourself at home?

You need not go to any pathology lab for the test of HIV, as today you can do this test with a home aids test kit at your home. The best advantage of this kit is privacy. A negative result will free you from stress, and makes you feel a lot better. After receiving a positive result you should contact your doctor for a confirmation test. If you are tested HIV positive in an early stage your treatment will be more beneficial. When an HIV home test is performed incorrectly, a falls positive, or falls negative result can be showed. This is why you should read the instruction manual carefully.

When you are deciding whether or not you want to get tested, it is important not only to check whether there is a risk that you have contracted an HIV infection, but also to talk to your (ex)-partner, to check how much risk he or she had in previous sexual relationships.